Thailand is an ultimate travel destination and holiday spot for traveller all around the globe. Thailand is well known for the high end resorts, entertainment, food, hospitality and Thai culture. The historical spot which consists of Buddha Dharma attracts many travellers. In short Thailand is a popular travel destination.

Training in Thailand is a popular holiday plan which provides a unique way to spend the holiday by utilizing it through weight loss process, self-development, and improved life style.

Boot Camp Thailand focus on 3 areas

·      Weight loss camps

·      Muay Thai Camps

·      Fitness/active holiday camps

What it is?

It is a fitness programme which is arranged in a camp or resorts on holidays to provide fitness and weight loss training, where participants are encouraged to follow a different lifestyle and do some short of exercise for weight loss and fitness. Our Thailand training camp provide a very unique nutrition process, activity classes though which losing weight is simpler and theses training processes are more effective than regular weight loss processes. The primary goal of the fitness camp is to enhance and stabilize the constant weight gain of the campers. Thus it will help them gaining self confidence as it teaches them a healthy lifestyle and a better living. The yoga classes and the motivation play an important role in the training camp. The effectiveness and profit out of it is widely spread as all the campers get benefit out of these weight loss camps, fitness and Muay Thai camps. The irony is the more overweight person losses more weight in these camps. Our boot camp holiday in Thailand is not only focused on weight loss and fitness it also have different aspects on human behaviour.

People training with kettle bells in Thailand

These camps provide training on

·      self motivation,

·      personal training

·      human attitude

·      self regulatory behaviour

·      Healthy lifestyle process

Which give a new life to a person and teaches the other aspects of the life. This is how the lifestyle of a normal human changes and gains self control.

Nutrition process

There is a long list of benefits out of the Thailand boot camp. The quality training process and nutritional training are the backbone of the weight loss process and general improvement of fitness. The nutrition process consists of a low fat and low calorie diet. The nutrition process is well designed and balanced so that you can get adequate amount of energy but not more than that. Campers are trained to know the quality of the food they are consuming. They are also encouraged to cook their own food so that they can know their food better.

The main aim of the Thailand boot camp is to give effective training with a holiday package which brings mantel peace and confidence in to their regular hectic life.

There is a popular saying

“Healthier man lives a long and happy life “

Being a part of Boot Camp Thailand will make you healthier and confident.