Muay thai boxing is one of the popular sports in Thailand. This is also a good form of exercise. Weight loss camps in Thailand provide a popular training method for Muay thai boxing. This is a modern trend and growing popular in fitness sector .The Muay thai boxing also trains how to live a disciplined life. Before discussing about the Muay thai boxing lets know the history of it.

A brief history

Muay thia is used to known as “Pahuyuth”. The word is derived from a Sanskrit word “Bahu yuddha”. “Bahu yuddh “means hand to hand combat. The fighting technique is used in real combat. Later it is developed as a sport. In Muay thai punches, kicks, elbow attack and knee attacks are used for which it is called ‘art of eight limbs”.

Muay thai camp

Muay thai boxing practice is a heavy work out process where every part of the body utilised and stretched, So this considered as a best exercise process for weight loss training and fitness. The training process generate self confidence and motivation, there are lots of benefit out of the Muay thai training process so it is getting more popular in these days.

The benefits are as follows

·      Fitness

·      Weight loss training

·      Healthy lifestyle

·      Nutritious diet

The Muay thai training process is consists of heavy work out process so you can get a stronger body and can gain self confidence. As we discussed above the training process affects each part of body so you can get a perfect shaped abs ,arms and legs .Muay thai is not always about physical fitness , it also increase inner strength and emotional stability. The work out process has benefit on the Cardiovascular and toning of the muscles .Muay thai boxing practice also can be called a as a aerobic exercise, where jabs, punches, kicks are performed in a particular manner and in perfect timing. In a single hour Muay thai boxing practice a person burns around 300 to 500 calories.

Other benefits are as follows

·      Speed

·      Muscle reflexes

·      Resistance

·      Strength

·      Stamina

·      Flexibility

Muay thai nutrition process

In training process participants are encouraged to develop a healthy eating habit. It is essential to maintain a good diet to get maximum benefit out of the muay thai boxing training.

Keep in mind

·      Drink as much water as you can

In Muay thai training process body gets dehydrated easily so it is necessary to drink much water.

·      Foods rich in carbohydrate and protein

Include the foods in your diet chat which are rich in Carbohydrate and protein. Because we need much energy in the training process and these type of food provides the energy required.

Muay thai boxing training is popular fitness exercise and due to the solid training process it is getting more popular as a sports as well as a fitness mantra.